Your expert in equality, equal treatment and inclusion

Our team has knowledge of how equality, inclusion, equal treatment and diversity can be promoted in large and small organizations, both internally and externally.

Our broad knowledge is based on academic research and experience of practical work on these issues since 2008. We believe in, and we support, the power that new insights can bring in change and development work. That is why we want to offer our customers new perspectives through the support of equality and equal treatment work.

Materialproduction and development

With our support, you can make equality and diversity key principles in your organisation. We provide a critical analysis of the accessibility of your target group and help you reach them most efficiently. We help you with developing material, checklists, articles and other text-based support to help you in your work for change.


We have a long experience of arranging various types of events and seminars. We support you with everything from xx an interesting program, panels or look for up-to-date researchers. We also act as keynote speakers or hosts for panel discussions

Analysis and investigation

We support your investigation in how inclusion and equality already is a part of your organisation and the daily tasks. The analysis is made through questionnaires or interviews, on both a managerial and employee level.


In order for an organisation to create equal possibilities to excel for all employees, the organisational culture needs to account for diversity. We support and train your organisation to create and maintain a culture that supports the goals and development of both the organisation and the actors that operate in it.

We train and support an organisation on all of its levels from leadership to human resources and employees, by introducing tools for concrete and lasting change.

Collaboration and networks

Our team features equality experts who are comfortable working with both big and small clients. Our knowledge is based on a strong combination of academic research and practical experience since 2008. We approach organisational growth and development through the power of discovery. We offer our clients new perspectives that allow them to harness equality as a transforming resource in their work.


We have a long experience of arranging various types of events and seminars. We support you with everything from xx an interesting program, panels or look for up-to-date researchers. We also act as keynote speakers or hosts for panel discussions


Social media

Previous cases

Female Career Group

A large international male-dominated industrial company contacted us for support in developing their new Female Career Group program. The program was designed to increase the number of women in high positions through internal recruitment. With our colleagues at Equalate we designed an interactive additional training package based on solid research on female leadership. The personal development of the participants was further supported by a robust coaching segment. The participants had the opportunity to strengthen their own leadership strategies, to review restrictive and gendered structures in their organisation and to suggest concrete improvements, which were then relayed directly to senior management.

Master suppression techniques - recognise them and act!

Our client was a large interest group that wished to prepare its members for a difficult negotiation. The goal was to provide their employees with the means to recognise and counter social manipulation and outright insults. We organised a one-day workshop for 20 people, focusing on practical methods and tools for everyday situations. The itinerary included an introduction to master suppression techniques, hands-on methods, roleplay exercises and critical examination of the participants’ own everyday surroundings..

Gender equality in the government budget

Gender Equality in the Government Budget -Research Project Initiative (Tasa-arvoa talousarvioon) was part of the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities implemented by the Prime Minister’s Office. The project aimed to develop methods to assess the gender impacts of the government budget as well as other gender budgeting tools and practices to be used in the Finnish government administration. The long-term objective of the project was to make gender impact assessment and gender budgeting an integral part of the government’s budget process. Ekvalita carried out the project with two top researcher, Doctor of Philosophy Anna Elomäki and Title of Docent and Doctor of Social Science Hanna Ylöstalo together with other experts and researchers in the field.



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