Master Classes and workshops

Organizational culture can be either inclusive or exclusive. We can help your company and its personnel to become a driving force for creating change with the help of new, inclusive norms and structures.

We offer Master Classes and support for management, teams, supervisors, agents of change and working groups. These can be interactive and inspirational sessions in the form of breakfast meetings, workshops or Master Class sessions.

Organizational development and material production

We provide an overview of the areas where working towards diversity, equity and inclusion have the most significant effect.

We create a roadmap for the process or develop text- or picture-based materials, checklists, articles, videos or games to support your organisation to create change.

Analyses and reports

We design analyses how diversity, equity and inclusion are already part of your daily work. We conduct surveys or interviews with both management and the employees.

We conduct pay equity analyses, offer support in developing and conducting surveys regarding diversity, equity, analyse your internal and external communication as well as present recommendations and suggestions for concrete actions based on e.g. survey results.


We have a lot of experience in organizing events and seminars. We help your organization in building an interesting seminar program, finding suitable speakers and experts for a panel discussion or contacting relevant researchers.

The end result is a well-thought-out seminar program with a strong focus on creating change.

Moderators and speakers

Ekvalita’s experts are frequently used as keynote speakers, conference MCs or moderators for panel discussions. We also contribute to pods and TV programmes.

Our experts can confidently take up both challenges and opportunities, due to the needs of the clients.

Collaboration and networks

Ekvalita collaborates with independent experts, networks, institutions such as universities and customers within different projects.

We work together with grassroots activists as new trends for equal and inclusive practices often stem from activism. We collaborate with researchers who can often see the bigger picture and draw conclusions from large samples or in-depth interviews. In addition, we get inspired to work with innovative leaders and enthusiastic employees. We collaborate with different kinds of experts because we know that everything is possible when we work together.

Our projects


Master suppression techniques - recognize and act!

Our customer, a large advocacy group, wanted to strengthen the employees’ skills in handling challenging negotiations and in recognizing different types of inappropriate arguments and verbal attacks.

We organized a full-day workshop for 20 people and focused on methods and tools that can be adapted to their everyday working life.

The program included master suppression techniques, hands-on methods, role play and critical evaluation of one’s everyday surroundings.


Zero tolerance policy of sexual harassment

“Zero tolerance policy of sexual harassment” is one of the eight handbooks published by the Finnish corporate responsibility network FIBS ry in 2017-2018. FIBS contacted Ekvalita and requested our help in writing the handbook. The handbook provides clear and concrete guidelines for preventing and tackling sexual harassment at the workplace as well as advice for employees on how to act if they experience harassment.

The handbook is aimed at employers and it was first launched at a members-only morning seminar. At the time of the book launch, a press release and a blog post on the topic were also published. The handbook is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.


Gender equality in the government budget   


“Gender equality in the government budget” was a research project under the Finnish Government’s  department of analysis, assessment and research activities (VN TEAS). The objective of the project was to produce knowledge about gender impact assessment of the budget and gender budgeting within the Finnish Government.

The project was coordinated by Ekvalita and the researchers involved were PhD Anna Elomäki and DSocSci, docent Hanna Ylöstalo.

Urat (Careers) knowledge bank

The Urat (Careers) knowledge bank supports organizations in working towards more equal career opportunities. The knowledge bank was created in collaboration with several universities and organizations from different sectors.
The knowledge bank is only available in Finnish.

Equality Journey

Equality Journey is a hands-on tool for the strategic development of equality in an organisation. It is also a unique tool for quality analyses.
Ekvalita has developed Equality Journey in collaboration with Medida (Sweden) and Espora (Spain).

Fair Game

Fair Game is a game that enables the player to take a look at their work from a customer’s point of view and thus get an opportunity to gain new insight into their work. The game is set in unemployment services and is aimed at the employees who work there. However, the game also suits employees who work in other cities/municipality services and meet customers daily in their work.

The game was created by Ekvalita in collaboration with the City of Espoo and the City of Vantaa.


Services, products & visibility
The diversity of customers means that the services and products offered must also represent this diversity. Your services, products and visibility can either take diversity into account or ignore it. Ekvalita is able to help your organization in critically evaluating the accessibility of a service or a product. We can evaluate an organization’s external communication or the level of accessibility from a target group’s point of view. Together we can also reflect on how to best reach your target group.


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