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I founded Ekvalita in 2008 in order to be able to work full time with what I am passionate about. Change work and management of Diversity and Inclusion.

I want to contribute to a more inclusive and fair society with the help of new social innovative approaches and methods.

I feel that society is at a breaking point when it comes to work on gender equality, diversity and inclusion, which require new approaches and new methods. The demands of the labor market and how to promote well-being have also changed. In my work, I am inspired by those who are not afraid to critically analyse their organisation, listening to both employees and customers to create more fair play in service and products.

I want to support the organisations that choose or have chosen to leave the old and embrace the new, when it comes to issues of equality and equal treatment.

My strength is to identify challenges and take the solutions to an operational and hands-on level so that they support the strategic work of the organization.

Networking and meeting in different forums with other actors has a central place in my own development of skills and ideas. By exchanging thoughts and ideas together with colleagues in the Nordic and European countries, I develop new ways and methods to work on these issues.

With my 20 years of experience working on these issues, in different contexts and with different focus, I want to share my experience and knowledge as an kick-starter, initiator or moderator, where change and future are the focus.

Book me in for a chat on how I can help you and your organization. I look forward to talking to you!


 Hauhovägen 6A 1A
00550 Helsingfors

VD Malin Gustavsson
+358 45 128 9878

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