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Elina Nikulainen

ONboarding diversity and inclusion requires awareness and tools

Do you need help with taking your team to the next level but you don’t know where to start? Does your diversity and recruitment intention needs a road-map to get to real tangible impact? Or do you feel there is too much nato (no action talk only)?

Collaboration between Ekvalita and Equalate

We believe in the power of collaboration. New ideas are born out of creative exchange. 

Ekvalita does not operate alone.

Ekvalita does not operate alone. We are in constant dialogue with our community of friends and colleagues in order to  gain new knowledge and develop our insight. Here we would like to introduce some of our cherished collaborators whose thoughts and expertise fuel our inspiration. We also collaborate with Elina Nikulainen, Kamilla Sultanova and Jonna Louvrier på Includia Leadership.


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